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Koloniaal and Piraten 1492-XVIII eeuw

Koloniaal and Piraten 1492-XVIII eeuw

Koloniaal and Piraten 1492-XVIII eeuw

With the arrival of Christopher Columbus to Cuba on October 27th, 1492, began the first centuries of Spanish rule in America. The Route of the Indies that followed the Spanish ships, crossing the Atlantic ocean thru Cuba or Hispaniola. From these islands started their routes to the continent: to Veracruz, Portobello, Maracaibo, La Guaira, and Cartagena de Indias.

The pirates attempted (and in many cases succeeded) in stealing valuable cargos of gold, silver and other goods from the New World, which coasts provided them an ideal place for their activity because of its abundance of islands in which pirates could take refuge. You can feel the experience and the adventures of privateers, pirates and buccaneers through replicas of their weapons and treasures. Pistols, swords and daggers that staged endless trips and assaults to the coasts of the Caribbean and South America.

Many years before, the exploits of Barbarroja Jeireddín, who was one of the most important corsairs of the sixteenth century, allowed the Maghreb to achieve a great power over the Mediterranean trade.

And finally, our replicas of sabers, swords, cannons and guns or spark guns recall characters such as Bartholomew Roberts, a Welsh pirate known as one of the most successful in blocking the British fleet in his attempt to protect the treasures in The Caribbean and North America. And Black Beard, who before being a pirate was a sailor of the Royal Navy, but after the War of Spanish Succession began his criminal activities under the commandment of Benjamin Hornigold. His most famous attack was realized in Charleston (South Carolina) in May of 1718.

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