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Trendy collar tips

collar tips in modeThe wild West and the cowboy wear that comes with that is since long a source of inspiration for fashion and prêt à porter. Just think of the countless variations of boots we see on the catwalk, and of course the bolo ties. Recently fashion designers and trendy fashionistas have discovered a new fashion accessory in the wardrobe of the stylish cowboys and cowgirls, namely the collar tips. It was the famous fashion brand Balenciaga that started the trend already in spring of 2011 by introducing collar tips her fashion collection. In the mean time you see collar tips popping up in fashion everywhere.

Collar tips are a wellknown accessory in the traditional Western World. Cowboys and cowgirls have been using them to spice up the typical Western shirts with snaps. Not to ride the prairy of course, but to head into town for a fancy party. Collar tips are often combined with a matching bolo tie. That is why you sometimes see the offered as a set of bolo tie and collar tips.

So you no longer need to be a truy cowboy or line dancer to give your shirt or blouse a personal touch. There is ample choice ranging from simple gold- or silver colored collar tips to more extravagant styles such as collar tips with a wolf, or a cowboy hoed or even the original "confederate flag".

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