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Taking care of your hat

How do I take care of my hat?


Contrary to popular belief you should not take you hat by the pinch. Doing so will result ruin the shape of your hat and leave two dark stains on your hat, especially on felt hats.

How to take of your hat.

Lock the brim of you hat between your thumb and the rest of your hand with the thumb on the inner side (at the sweat band) and your fingers on the outer edge of the brim.

Hats, even a fancy felt version, are quite strong. You can wear them in rain and snow, that's what they are made for. But you need to take good care of them when you get back home:

Taking care of a wet hatTaking care of a (wet) hat

A hat must always be stored upside down. This will prevent it from losing it's shape. This is especially important for wet hats. A felt hat of good quality can be wet, as long as you let it dry slowly and upside down. Always let it dry at room temperature as otherwise it may schrink.

You can take false dents out of a felt hat by means of steam, as this is also the way the hat got it's original shape. Just hold it over boiling water en then put the shape back in. But make take care you don't get burned on the hot steam.

Dusty hats are best cleand gently with a brush, alway brushing clockwise (seen from the top). Like this you will avoid rubbing the dust into the felt.

Materials for hats?


Traditional cowboy hats are made out of animal hair that is pressed into felt. The best quality felt is made out of rabbit or beaver wool.
The absolute top in hats is the socalled "100X Beaver fur felt". This means the hat is made out of 100% beaver wool. This very expensive quality is a true status symbol for the modern cowboy. A good quality hat is rated 10X and for regular us a simple '4X Fur felt hat' made from rabbit wool is the best choice.
'Lite Felt' is an ultra light, flexible and water proof material made from the finest wool and a great alternative to the traditional "hard" felt hats. They are very light and comfortable to wear.


Straw hats in our catalogue

If you are looking for protection from the sun choosing a straw hat is your best option. Hats made out of palm leaves from Ecuador are called PANAMAS as they were origionally imported through the Panama canal. Those made out of palm strings from China are called PARABUNTALS or BAKU.


Leather is a naturally breathing material which makes it very comfortable to wear. Thanks to this property a leather hat does not really need a traditional sweat band. Leather hats can be made water proof by applying the same product you use to protect your leather shoes agains the rain.